A book that is going to throw you off balance from the very first chapter – Highly Recommended!

by Jo Nesbo

Knife by Jo Nesbo

“I can’t control anything. I just want to find the man who killed Rakel. Then I’ll wake up. And die.”

Pow! That was the sound of my head exploding, when I read Jo Nesbo’s book ‘Knife’, the 12th Hole novel, and my very first Jo Nesbo work.

What’s not to love about Knife by Jo Nesbo?

A Psycho killer on the loose, gruesome murder of a woman, a Detective determined to unravel the murder mystery and a good dose of spine chilling suspense.

So first off, let me say this, that I was stunned, rendered speechless at Jo Nesbo’s writing, and for this stunning of a novel! When I received this book for the review, I hadn’t expected it to be this addictive. It was like an Opium to my mind. I was intoxicated. So needless to say, I quite loved this book.

Knife by Jo NesboKNIFE opens with a very intriguing chapter that is going to set the wheels in motion and will compel you to read one chapter after another.

Nesbo, once more gives us a story interweaved with numerous complexities of human feelings and the murkiness of human personality. Harry Hole, the well-known detective, despite being the best investigative Police officer in the country has returned back to his drunken ways, with his marriage very nearly falling into pieces.

So when Harry finds himself drenched in blood and is unsure of what has occurred. While he attempts to shake himself out of the drunken daze, his reality shaken by a murder of someone very close to him. Furthermore, the infamous rapist he captured, Svien Finne, also known as “The Fiancé” is now out and wild, and Harry is sure, that Finne is the one responsible for this biggest loss in his life.

Harry Hole’s sole purpose is to find the real culprit henceforth he embarks on a journey to find the real killer, as Svein Finne is proven innocent of this Crime.

I haven’t lost everything,” Hole says at one point. “I’ve still got the anger.”

Readers will be twisted in knots trying to solve this labyrinthine dark plotline as the ‘whodunit’ element is strong and a great deal of red herrings is tossed in novel by Nesbø. The final revelation is going to shock you straight out of your pants and satisfy you in a twisted and bizarre way.

I haven’t read the past Harry Hole books in the series, and so far as that is concerned any Jo Nesbo works, and as this is my first book by Jo Nesbo, I was blown by his tight writing. This Scandinavian Crime writer has truly figured out how to dazzle its readers with his complicatedly detailed plot with not a solitary strand of loose string visible anywhere. The story is narrated by different perspectives, the center, obviously, being Harry, the protagonist.

The spinning web of the story of Knife is masterfully written, a dark web of deception and whodunit mystery, perfect for crime/mystery thriller fans. I recommend this book to all who love a murder mystery, a book that is going to throw you off balance from the very first chapter.

For me, it’s a 5 out of 5 stars read.

Buy your copy now on Amazon or Flipkart.

Knife by Jo Nesbo

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