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It was a Happy Trusting world, then by Vikas Kale

For the wary soul who needs a bit of extra convincing of the life-changing wonders that await abroad, there’s perhaps no better Travelogue for first-time readers like me then ‘It was a Happy Trusting world, then by Vikas Kale’. This is a recount of a three-month long journey of young Vikas Kale and his two cousins through the Middle East and Europe back in 1971.

Publisher: The Write Place

Publication Date: January 2018

Page Counts: 130 pages

Opening Sentence: In 198, when I was just seventeen years of age I got a chance to visit Kabul and stay for a month with my aunt, Nalini Verma whose husband, A.K. Verma was with the Indian Embassy.

In the year 1971 Author decides to go on an impromptu Hitchhiking with his cousins Vidula and Kumar. It was a Happy Trusting world, then by Vikas Kale is an absorbing and beautifully written account of Author Vikas’s Journey. The Author describes his journey in a very detailed way, each and every place is mentioned through the eyes of the narrator Vikas Kale, the readers are transported from Mumbai (then Bombay) to Dubai to Switzerland and in many Countries along the way.

It was very enlightening and insightful to know the cultural differences of the places they visited and the people they met as they hitchhiked along their journey back then and very saddening to realize how some of the very beautiful countries mentioned in the book are now war-torn countries. The Author tells us about how he’s stayed on the move for three months long on a shoestring budget, with tips and tricks coming to life through relatable stories.

What I liked most about the book

They say what’s in a name? but I say the name is a first emotional connection we have with that particular thing. In this case, it was the book ‘It was a Happy Trusting world, then’ by Vikas Kale. The Title ‘It was a Happy Trusting world, then’ exudes the emotions attached to the Author’s first ever hitchhiking journey. I really loved the way how the Author shared some of his memories through photographs and postcards. The narration of the book is very smooth, detailed and precise. And the special thing about the book is that it won’t tell you exactly how to do it, but gives you ideas and confidence to figure it out for yourself. Overall it was a very refreshing read.


This is for you if you love reading Travelogue or books on travels, in short, a must-read for the travel enthusiast. And It’s also pretty Time Pass read, for Non-Travel Readers.

I give it 4/5 stars.


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It was a Happy Trusting world, then by Vikas Kale
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