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A Conversation with Tarun Deep Singh, Author of ‘The Journey’ and ‘What is an Indian?’

1. How did you come up with the idea of the books’?

How did you come up with the idea of the books’?

TDS: I have a habit of writing down pieces of experiences. The Journey: Traveller With In is a series of experiences which I managed to weave into book form by the grace of My Guru. I saw the evil in me, I found myself in conflicts, I heard the noises and so on. The idea is just piece of the imagination but when experience happen imagination is left behind.

What is an Indian? is inspired from my inability to convince people about the path we are taking to lead our country.

2. Where you did first hear about the concept of ‘The Seeker’ and the ‘Fallen one’?

TDS: Term Fallen One is inspired from Christian Theology. The devil is fallen angel Lucifer. Well, we are no way different from him. I just used the term to suggest that same evil which made an angel fall lives in us. He lives in theology but we live in real time space reality. The concept is well known in any culture.

3. When is your next book coming?

TDS: I already have launched it on Kindle with Title: Man Is A Thought. Next, I plan to write on duality and how it has obscured us from true reality.

4. Was it a bit taxing detailing the book in such profound ways?

TDS: Inner world is so dynamic that not easy to capture each and everything. Even if you capture not easy to put everything in words. Many things are left behind since either they are too momentarily or your consciousness fails to distinguish it. And then you have to balance in such a way that it reaches out to everyone crisply. So, yes it was taxing! But again mortals are too confused that’s where grace from My Guru kept me going. This was for The Journey.

Regarding book What Is An Indian, I had to live the aspects I have highlighted in the book, in my mind. And that was painful.

5. Why choose this concept to write a book?

TDS: Actually I did not choose to write, it just fell into a book form. But once it appeared into book form even I found myself being amazed at it. If I read it today even I learn something new from it. People will say I am the writer but I am just a medium with pen in hand. I realized it is meant for those who give up in middle. As there genuineness in form of The Fallen One blocks their journey.

6. How long did you take to write this book?


TDS: Well I did not measure the time 😊. But pieces were getting written for a span of almost 20 years. Stitching up the pieces took 2 – 3 years and time to stitch has come, that realization took a moment!!!

7. What has influenced you the most as a writer?

What influenced you the most as a Writer?

TDS: There are two aspects of my writing. The first aspect is I don’t create a thought, I pick a thought. How? Something I will be covering in my book Man Is A Thought. And to discover that part I again credit My Guru. The Second aspect is what influenced before I could discover everything is my grandfather. He called himself a Rahi, The Traveller. And that left such a mark on consciousness that book is published!!!

8. What do you do to de-stress yourself while writing?

What do you do to de-stress yourself while writing?

TDS: You are just going to know one of my deepest secrets. I am happy to share it. For me writing is relaxing. If you are alone, going through a huge transformation, you could not make other understand what’s happening, what you said was right as per you but misunderstood and that led you to regret and repent, how would you feel? You need a medium to express. No matter if someone reads you or not. There have been pages which I dumped myself into the garbage. For me writing turned out to be an outcome of my inability to explain others and my prayers to My Guru. He accepted it and I kept dedicating to him as my gratitude. So if your writing becomes prayer, nothing is needed to destress yourself.

9. What is your motivation for writing more?

What motivates you to write more?

TDS: This is something I have answered on my webpage,

10. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

TDS: There are no words to define or explain infinite. Then an experience with, how could one find words. But you have to do it, why? This is not for fame but to help others. You don’t want to sound cryptic or mystic. Cryptic will kill the interest and mystic will make people follow you as Prophet. And I am just a mortal who aspires to be a humble seeker of The Truth which has been shown by My Guru. So, balance out in words as an artist is the most difficult part.

11. What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

What is your favorite genre to read?

TDS: This will be surprising for everyone. I don’t read much. Once I was told by a dear friend while doing MS in US grad school, you have read a lot now time for you to write original. And I am trying to follow his advice.

12. Who is the most supportive person in your life when it comes to your writing?

TDS: Everyone! Whosoever has come in contact has encouraged me for writing, including you!!!

Who is the most supportive person in your life when it comes to your writing?

13. What is your favorite word, and why?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

TDS: Actually, there are three: Guru Gobind Singh (GGS). The way I see them as: Grace, Gratitude, and Surrender.

14. What was your hardest part of your book ‘The Journey – Traveler with in’ to write?

TDS: Chapter 5 and 6 since I still have to experience them. I realize and accept them but the experience is something else. So, writing them I have to understand what Greats have said. And being a mortal and ignorant I can never fully to justice with ‘their’ words.

15. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Do you Read Book Reviews?

TDS: Yes I do, fortunately, I have received positive reviews till yet.

16. Ever planning to write Fiction? If yes, then which genre would it be?

TDS: Fiction writing does not come to me naturally. I have even mentioned that in one of the sub-chapters of The Journey: Traveller With In. I don’t make choices. If that has to happen it will happen.

17. What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing the book?

TDS: It is not always individual effort to write down thoughts and experiences. Sometimes it happens at its own. You just watch your handwriting wondering how this could happen. And when you read what has gotten written you just surprise you. Whosoever has read the book ask me the question how did you write it? And I surprise them by saying, wasn’t me.

18. How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing?

give up writing

TDS: Thought is a very unique entity. And an experience generally condenses as a series of thoughts. It requires a lot of effort which may not be visible at the physical level to pick or map thought related to experience and then map it to limited word space. So, sometimes thoughts are lost forever. Also, some experiences happen in such state that you can never write them down immediately. Just imagine, something happening in meta-physical state and manifesting in physical space, how much effort is required. In some cases, you have to keep writing to provide complete gist. This all makes difficult to write. But again the motivation to share simply because I am not selfish that only I should be aware of it drives you to write. And when that happens you will the gratitude. And there is nothing more satisfying than gratitude.

19. What would you like to say to your readers?

TDS: The success of author depends upon the quality of his audience. If a writer manages to reach your heart and gives rise to True Emotions then he is a success. Success does not depend on fame or money. I have struggled to get published because people are losing interest in good literature. We will talk about genres like erotica, crimes, thriller but do we really like to discuss something which has deeper meanings. This is something I covered in What Is An Indian? I will honestly try to write healthy literature, something which will either provide a distinct viewpoint or will help to understand the challenges, their meaning, and possible solutions. My efforts require your support. I have been writing for almost 20 years now but I was perfectly ok with not being known to the world. I can again go back to dormancy without hurting myself. Just imagine I finished this book in 2012. But I would like to thank my publisher and Booxoul team to give me an opportunity to express myself.

20. If you have pictures on your writing desk, who/what are they of?

TDS: I don’t believe in physical pictures. Time will mutilate the matter. What resides in the heart that matters. My Guru taught me to consider the whole world as kin, does not matter what they think. In his words:

“I am friend to all, I am everyone friends.”

If you manage to keep such teachings then nothing else is required on your table!!!

21. Do you have any writing buddies?

Writing Buddies

TDS: Actually the question should be, are you writing buddy for someone! Because I cannot write this without being instructed to write. Well, I am just a medium and not even buddy. Thanks, him to consider this physical form for writing.

22. Do you like audiobooks, physical books, or e-books better? Why?

TDS: I prefer e-book, I can carry as much anywhere. And save the paper!!!

23. Did the thought to give up writing ever occur to you?

TDS: Yes!!! I can’t cook stories as fiction so my work has been ‘tossed up’ many time. People have given an opinion without challenging their ability to read it. And I never wanted to convince them to read it. I am blissful, people read or not, is not my issue. And why to write for those who are incorrigible. But again I continued since I never wanted to be selfish, enjoying all the bliss alone.

24. How many drafts do your books generally go through before publication?

TDS: These are historical manuscripts so don’t remember how many times I have edited them myself for publication.

25. How do you think being a writer has helped you as a person?

TDS: External world is not changing but the internal world is. You are observing it but the inertia of modern beliefs is so gigantic the world will send you to exile. Your understanding does not concur with what the world has to offer? Where is a refuge? You will explode or implode. The explosion is destruction and you will start cursing but implosion will ensure you rise like Devotee Kabeer. And implosion of his inspired me to implode and express myself in writing. And My Guru told me to implode like Devotee Kabeer. So writing became a passion, my gratitude, and my prayers.

26. Do you Google yourself?

Google Me! - Tarun Deep singh

TDS: If you want to know I am conscious about fame then yes I google!!! The reason is fame for me is to send out learnings to help others rather than just fame. And I humbly pray ‘Thee’ to keep it that way!!!

27. What are common traps for aspiring writers?

TDS: well I am aspiring myself so cannot answer this… LOL!!!


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