Inhale safety, exhale crime!

A Letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

A person who himself has suffered from penury can really get the circumstances and problems of a common man very well. You are the one who has never let the sleeping dogs lie. Sir, you as the honorable Prime Minister of the country have led our nation towards the rim of success, by the dint of hard work, I really feel very sorry to say that the country still has to fave some massive problems which have remained unsolved for decades. The main problem of the country people is that they highlight or try to solve the problem when it becomes acute.

Take for example a very common and a million-dollar problem – The unsafe environment for a woman, no matter what a woman does for her family and society, no matter how strong she shows herself but as soon as the moon smiles on the sky and the stars wink in the dark blue sheet. It becomes very unconvincing for a woman to feel safe, the reason behind this is not the dark blue sky or the dim lighting but is because of the people with the dark brains, who simply don’t think of the women, who helped them, heard them, cared about them all day long. A woman has to carry pepper in her bag for her safety.

Isn’t it really very shameful!?

Being a little more open up, rapes don’t occur on the final day when a girl is left dying but it takes place every other day when a girl is stared, touched in public, not respected for her work just because she is a woman, the time when she’s expected to sell herself even after being way more talented than any other man. Sir, I want to appeal for the equality and strict action taken immediately for who so ever tries to exploit the self-respect of women no matter how big the achiever is. If such issues are addressed, bigger ones will eradicate automatically.

Sir, another very big issue is the condition of roads. This seems to be a very negligible issue, if we put a glance at the accidents, it happens due to the pathetic conditions of the road.

Lack of availability of street lamps. Darkness leads to crimes and is the home of criminals. We have heard a lot about the loots and murders in silent, alone and dark highways. The courage of bad deed comes from the dark, There should be proper roads and lights.

Inhale safety, exhale crime.

Unemployment is the most highlighted issue nothing has ever extenuated this problem. The main problem behind this very big issue in the country is the population. The government has time and again started many movements with the help of several NGO’s like ‘Hum do, Hamare do‘ but more is to be done in this regard.

Sir, I would like to thank you for initiating the Make in India concept, I am sure that it will definitely increase employment opportunities.

The lack of resources in rural areas is a massive problem that has to be addressed. Increase in the illiterate population. It is very appalling to see that many of the villages in the north-east zone are still undeveloped and are facing unavailability of electricity and mobile phone, there is no proper conveyance available they live in such extreme conditions. They save our culture, let’s save them.

I would like to end up with the hope that one day our country will become the most powerful and developed country in the world.

This is my conviction that you can bring the change by your powerful strategy combined with your charismatic personality.

Let’s make India a golden bird once again.

– Geeta Koranga

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Geeta Koranga


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