In a Conversaton with the Author of ‘Sidereal Destiny’, Vaishnavi Sanoj

Vaishnavi Sanoj – Interview

Vaishnavi Sanoj

Vaishnavi Sanoj is the author of the book ‘Sidereal Destiny‘ reading which we realize how great of a storyteller she is. Her book is one of the best we have read this year.

Apart from the book, she has also written an article guiding aspiring authors about how can they get their book published and it’s one of the most viewed articles on Booxoul. You can read it here.

Let’s now dive into the conversation with us and Vaishnavi Sanoj!


B: Who is Vaishnavi Sanoj?

V: I am a post-graduate in English Literature, an MBA drop-out, a qualified teacher, writer, and homemaker. Other than fiction, I have written poems and articles. Some of them have appeared in,, and The Hindu. Earlier, I was working with The King’s, a Cambridge International school in Kerala, as a Literature teacher for IGCSE and A level students. Currently, I am settled in Qatar and focusing more on writing.

B: We know that you’re a master in storytelling after reading your book ‘Sidereal Destiny‘ but we want to know about who do you think is the best storyteller?

V: Thanks for those kind words, but I feel I have just started to learn the basics of this great art. The best storyteller according to me is one whose story is universal. I would say Ved Vyas is the greatest storyteller of all times, for Mahabharat is a reflection of everything the world was, is and will be. Shakespeare’s plays too are hailed exactly for the same reason. So, I feel a master storyteller is one who can hold up a clear mirror of words, which is capable of reflecting the world.

B: How did your journey as an author started?

V: I always needed written words to express my thoughts and feelings, so I used to write from an early age. But my status as an author came rather unexpectedly. My debut book was The Wife the mother & the Man in Between, non-fiction, published by Pustak Mahal in 2011. I always wanted to be an author, but I had no idea to write non-fiction. But, that’s how it started.

B: Okay, below are a few questions with 2 options out of which you have to choose one by highlighting it.

  1. What’s more difficult?
    1. Writing a Book
    2. Getting it published
  2.  What do you prefer?
    1. Writing on Laptop or PC
    2. On a Notepad or a Diary with a pen
  3. What would you choose?
    1. You can write books but can’t read any
    2. You can read books but can’t write any
  4. What’s better?
    1. Getting criticized by the critics but loved by the readers
    2. Getting criticized by the readers but loved by the critics

B: What’s the hardest part about writing? And also, the best part.

V: To break the pattern. Like every other writer, I too have my set of stock words and phrases; to be conscious of it, break it and include variety is a demanding, but enjoyable task.

B: Have you always wanted to become a writer? (or was there any particular moment in which you thought, ‘I want to be a writer!’?)

V: As, I said, from as young as 9 I needed to write to express myself. I was a lonely kid during school times and I always found solace in writing. So, beyond this tag ‘writer’, writing was a necessity for me. Speaking about being a published writer, that thought came to me during my post-graduation days. But, I don’t have any specific moment of revelation.

B: Do you think someone who hates reading can become an author?

V: No way. Or maybe he/she can be a miserable author!

B: Have you ever experienced writer’s or reader’s block?

V: Of course. Writer’s block happens from time to time for various reasons. I have never experienced a reader’s block. Maybe I get bored with some genre, but then I find something else. And the best way to overcome writer’s block, I think, is to read.

B: Are you currently working on any book? If no, then are you planning to?

V: I have four projects in line, two of poetry and two novels. I am working on them.

B:  If I would ask you to suggest 3 books to a random stranger that might change his/her life, then what these books would be?

  1. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
  2. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
  3. Gitanjali by Tagore

B: About the personal you

1) 3 things that you carry with you always

It depends. For errands, it would be mobile, a pen and (lipstick).

For a longer journey: my diary, laptop and some of the valuable gifts I have received from people I admire.

2) A thing that annoys you the most


3) A song that would describe you

I have never thought it this way, I guess I am too complex to be described in one song. You will need a longer playlist. Okay, I will fix on Manmohana from Jodha Akbar. Yes, this one more or less resonates with me.

4) What does a celebration mean to you?

To spend quality time with the loved ones.

5) A song that always gets you on the floor

 Main Radha Tu Shaam from Vishwaroop, actually it’s Tamil version Unnai Kannadhu naan

B: Do you Google yourself?

Vaishnavi Sanoj - Google Result

V: Yes, I do. In fact, this has once helped me in spotting and taking action in my article, The Vedic Way to Preserving Environment, plagiarised by someone else.

B: What are you currently reading?

V: I am just about to begin How to Read Poetry Like a Professor by Thomas C Foster.

B: What advice would you like to give to the aspiring authors?

V: Writing and publishing are two different things. In the current scenario the way your book is published and promoted has a lot of significance, so choose your options wisely.

B: What should be the last line of your biography?

V: If it is an autobiography, it would possibly be something like: I am home.

B: Your thoughts about Booxoul

V: Booxoul does a commendable job in reviewing and appreciating Indian writing across various genres.

.   .   .   .   .

Highly Recommended: You’ll Kick Yourself If You Miss This Guide To Getting Your Book Published by Vaishnavi Sanoj



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