God won’t Help: Affirmations of the Reluctant God by Rajiv Grover
Review of God won't help by Rajiv Grover

God won’t Help: Affirmations of the Reluctant God by Rajiv Grover

‘God won’t help-Affirmations of the reluctant God by Rajiv Grover’ catchy and Intriguing name, isn’t it? It peaks your interest, the moment you lay your eyes on it. Somewhere at some point, you have said to yourself that God won’t help… he never does, heartbreaking I know. But after reading this book, you are forced to reanalyze the phrase ‘God won’t Help’ with a whole new perspective.

Publication Date: June 21st, 2018

Publisher: Notion Press

Page Count: 118 pages

Opening Sentence: “Adversity never comes alone”, said the Candyman looking at Nasir whilst pouring vodka into a glass for me.

The book ‘God won’t help’ is set in Kabul. Divided into Four chapters, the book revolves around the conversation between Shiv, a Civil Engineer, who is depressed and lonely. Nasir a Pashtun and Shiv’s only friend and, The Candyman – Former US Army Special Officer.

A real eye-opener, the book answers our many questions that we have all asked at some point in our life, Why isn’t God helping us? Why is he blind eyed to our problems? and many such questions. It isn’t that Author is denying God’s existence. But what the Author is trying to say to us is that knowingly or unknowingly, we heavily rely on God for every little problem. But it’s us who has to solve our own problem. And it’s us who has to right our wrong, only then the path ahead will become easy. And don’t forget the famous saying “Karma’s a bitch, it strikes back”.
The narration is good, but a wee bit dragging at some places. Hardly 106 pages long, the book is an easy read.

Quote: Fear was a currency that led only to Bankruptcy.


If you are a Non-Fiction lover then you should definitely read it. The book kind of changes your perspective in a good way. A good book overall.

Rating: 3.5/5

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“Rajiv Grover’s book will handhold you to become a ‘demi-theist’ and live life like there’s no God to blame” 
– The Hindustan Times

About the Author
from Goodreads

Rajiv Grover

Rajiv Grover

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India; Rajiv is a double post graduate in management. He is an alumnus of FMS, Delhi University and also holds a diploma in fashion marketing from NIFT. Rajiv did his graduation from Hindu College and schooling from Springdales School.

A former CEO of a leading fashion conglomerate, Rajiv is an avid reader and researcher of spiritual scriptures. He has a passion for writing and has written articles for leading business dailies in the past. With this book, he makes his debut as an author.

Rajiv lives in Delhi with his father, wife and twin sons.

He’s on Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2Ie5Uta

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