From Monkeying to Parenting by Parminder Kaur Sharma
Review of the book From Monkeying to Parenting by Parminder Kaur Sharma

Parenting explained in a very easy manner.

From Monkeying to Parenting
by Parminder Kaur Sharma

From Monkeying to Parenting by Parminder Kaur Sharma is an insightful book for Parents as well Grandparents and will help you understand your kid’s working of the brains and how you can facilitate learning, growth, and creativity.

Is this parenting book? Maybe. I’d say they are books for thinking parents about kids. Read liberally. Ponder. Apply as needed. This book will change everything you think! The author tells us to use simple tweaks and a little patience and apply it to parenting in areas like motivation, praise, sibling relationships, and your relationship with your in-laws, the difference between Tantrums and Meltdown, bullying and more.

This book is exceptionally helpful! It talks about your role in the household and your relationship with your In-Laws helps kids in shaping up their outlook and tells us parents, resist giving pointers to our kids. I loved the chapters on temperament, bullying, Assignment, Super Mom, and … heck, it’s all good. Author Parminder gives us examples throughout the book, of her own experiences with her Kids and that makes the book more relatable and easy to follow.

We as parents enroll our children in various activity thinking we are helping in shaping our kids future, regardless of children’s interest. But as said by the Author our; We are missing to provide the legacy of basic human values to them.

Here’s a book that requires a highlighter and a notepad – it’s really good. At the end of every chapter, Author asks probing questions for you to mull over and think. Structuring her book around today’s Parents and Kids, this books gives an excellent re-evaluation moment. The authors’ little tips are really helpful, just try not to laugh when you see how well they work.

The title of the book ‘From Monkeying to Parenting’ is interesting. And the book is actually little – about 100 pages.

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About the Author

The author Parminder Kaur Sharma is a Multifaceted personality being a writer Banker, Blogger, and a Parent.
As an avid traveler, doting mother and successful Banker, she introspects the role of family and relationships in raising the kids today and continues to share her insight through her blog ( and her Author website:
Through her writing, she makes the readers pause and makes them realize the importance of family and it’s value in our society.

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