7 Bookstagrammers you should follow now to fill up your Instagram feed with Books

7 most creative #Bookstagram Accounts to follow in 2018

Are you Bibliophile? If NO, then stop! This post isn’t for you but if it’s a YES, then, Do you use Instagram? If NO, then STOP, don’t go ahead else come with me 😉

I use Instagram a lot. In fact, out of all the social network that exists, I use Instagram the most. Apart from Instagram, I love BOOKS the most and I love getting recommendations from people. But who wants to Google “Book Suggestions/Recommendations“? Why not just follow some #bookstagrammers and see Book Suggestions/Recommendations/Reviews on your feed.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, then just follow these amazing #bookstagrammers below.
Thanks, me later!


Bio: DON’T BE BASIC · Bookstagrammer | Cat dad | Potterhead 📓@mybookfeatures founder 🐤@JamesKTrevino 👦FB: @jamesktrevino 📩jameskian7[@]yahoo[.]com



Bio: Book reviews from the underground 📚 Created by Uli Beutter Cohen @theubc New York • London • Mexico City • Delhi • Milan & more



Bio: Life goals: Read all the books, wear all the vintage, go all the places. Founder of @knit.able 📍 New York City 🍎



Bio: “A wisp of silk in a forest of wool. ”

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Bio: Bookstagrammer of the Year @londonbookfair Mom takes me seriously now Ur DMs can be used for entertainment purposes 📚9: Eve of Man 🌎Saudi Arabia



Bio: a french man radiating an aura of mystery with a natural thirst for knowledge who is appreciative of and sensitive to literature.

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(Yeah, this is me!)

Bio: 📚 Book Reviews, Suggestions, Promotions, Giveaways & more 🎨 Created by Apoorv & Neelam 🇮🇳 Mumbai • Nainital • Delhi & more #bookstagrammers#book

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