Earth to Centauri: The First Journey by Kumar L

The Best Sci-fi book I have ever read by an Indian Author | Earth to Centauri by Kumar L

Earth to Centauri: The First Journey
by Kumar L

Pages: 226 

Publisher: Notion Press

It’s been 110 years since the launch. 60 billion kilometers away from earth, it had been drifting around aimlessly for more than 70 years. Deep in interstellar space with only gas and comet-forming icy particles to keep it company, it was all alone in the black vastness.

Someone (aliens) found Voyager 1 which was launched in 1977, and send a signal back to Earth. To see who are those “someones”, India decides to make ‘Antariksh’, a spaceship that will be under the command of Anara and can travel at FTL speeds (Faster than Light speeds).

2 Different years and times

The book is set in two different centuries i.e. 2095 and 2117.
2117 is the present where Antariksh is in Space and 2095 is the root of this mission aka ‘How it all started?’. So, while reading you’ll come to know what’s happening with the people inside Antariksh and how Antariksh came into existence.

The Thing I loved the most about the Book

The chapters are small. Yes! The chapters are small and thus impedes you from getting bored.

My first Sci-fi Read

Yes, this is my first SCI-FI read and I truly cherish it. I had this book for 4-5 months but I never felt like reading it due to 2 reasons:

  1. Reading slump since a few months
  2. I have never heard of any sci-fi book written by an Indian Author before, so I thought that this book won’t be that good.

I was wrong

But I was wrong! This book is really good apart from one hypocritical thought of mine that Indian names seem a bit off on a sci-fi book and it’s characters. I think this is because we have grown up seeing sci-fi movies by Hollywood and you know by our PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING!

It helped me out of my Reading Slump

For months, I didn’t even read a single book because I just can’t. One day, I looked at my TBR and picked up this book and thought I should give it a try (Also, sci-fi would be a new genre to me) and BINGO!!! I read this book in just 2 nights and it was a cure to my reading slump.

It’s easy to Read

I thought that this book is going to be full of cosmical scientifical words that I will have to learn first to understand this book, but no, the author has written this book in such a manner that anyone can understand the concepts and the book.

Though I created notes while reading it. See below:

Earth to Centauri by Kumar L - Notes

Earth to Centauri by Kumar L - Notes

My Thoughts

The book is good and the author has written it well too, but in the 2nd part of the book, I kind of started losing interest. I mean I didn’t think that the first part aka this book will end in such a way. Though it’s only my perspective, other people might love that ending but I was having very high expectations in the end. Well, I’m giving this book 4 out of 5 stars and will recommend it to those who are looking forward to reading a Sci-fi book or those who love science and this cosmic sort of stuff.

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