Dissected by Naveen Kakkar
Dissected by Naveen Kakkar | Book Cover

Dissected by Naveen Kakkar

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Medicine brings forth images of dour, grave-looking faces with heads buried in thick books. Naah….not at Dale. Set in an era much before hyper-connectivity made us social recluses, this is a hilarious take on the lives of fifty teenagers. Walk with them as they face the challenges of a treacherous first term at a medical school in Damsar, through the landmines of the anatomy hall, the eccentric physiological concepts and the endless biochemistry cycles that most did not give a damn for; well nearly most. This is a saga of how the class survived the adventure of a bus trip with a sloshed driver, the dressing down by teachers, the quirks of their own characters and still found time to shake a leg or two. Find out if Podgy and Palak will be together right till the end? Will Lego find his balance and Joy his joy? Will Tazo survive his class? Will people keep falling off the South Pole? Rohan needs this answer, desperately!

Opening Lines: Clang! Clang! It was 5.30 PM.

Page Count: 140 pages

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: September 26th, 2018


Dissected by Naveen Kakkar is a hilarious Young Adult Medical fiction. It is a story of a group of Medical students, who comes from all walks of life. I got to meet and experience the lives of contrasting personalities of medical students co-exist with each other.

The author did a fine job of penning various characters. Especially Tazo, whose inner monologue had me entertained and in stitches, the whole time I read the book. And the narration is smooth and full of satire, humor, and sarcasm. The fact that I was laughing most of the time while reading the book says it all.

At some parts, the story loses its grip but the very next moment it holds you tight. A little more exploring of the characters and it could have been a five star read.

A short read with full on entertainment value it was. I finished it in just 3 hours. A perfect read for people who love reading funny and light read…

Rating: 3/5 stars

Dissected by Naveen Kakkar

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Dissected by Naveen Kakkar
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