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Descent by Tom Dawn

Kudos to the team of the author – TomDawn – for ensuring that the book reaches me on time. It came to me from the UK& the author’s team ensured-with their immaculate tracking of the packet & following up with the Indian Customs– that the book arrives at the right door-step.

Guilt-ridden Marc (Marcus Miller) finds his way back home to his brother, Magnus, after the accidental death of his best friend Pete, that he had to witness at work. Dazzled by his brother’s girlfriend, Izzy’s (Isidora) beauty & dynamism, Marc ends up having an affair with her. Eventually, his crush manipulates him to swap identities with his brother & leave the country to buy Magnus some time to finalize the best deal.

With his inclination towards cryptography& knowledge of math, Magnus has somehow managed to hack the internet, which might bring down major global consequences. The government wants to keep all this a secret and ends up bugging their house and even tailing them 24×7. Finally, Izzy comes up with a plan to let Magnus scoot the country to the US, with the identity of his brother &meet the organization to get his publications financed. All goes well until the bad guys show up. In the end, Marc finds his true love & everyone lives happily ever after!

Descent has every aspect, that a blockbuster movie demands of. There’s kidnapping, fighting, killing, blood, sea, love & romance….how about adding few songs to it? Tom? Any thoughts?


One thing I liked about the story –

A very meticulously put together content by the author, adorned with perfect timing & placement of the characters.

& of course, the protagonist’s profession –sea diving – deep sea diving!!!

Although I was hoping to read down the book, more about the sea & diving, it seemed that the story demanded otherwise.


One thing I did not like about the story-

It seems like, Marc is a confused soul when its about women – as he ends up, either hitting or sleeping with each one of them, whom he comes across, in the book (eg; his best friend’s pregnant widow Amy, his brother’s girl-friend Izzy, one of his landlord’s niece Milena). And to be honest, it gets somewhat irrelevant at times.


In conclusion, published by Pomegranate at 280 pages, Descent by Tom Dawn stands well to “explore the devastating impact of guilt & personal manipulation on a man at the lowest ebb

Happy Reading!!

Descent by Tom Dawn

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Review by
Antara Bhattacharjee

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