Decoding Life post 8/11 by Indranil Roy | Book Review
Decoding Life post 8/11 by Indranil Roy

Decoding Life post 8/11 by Indranil Roy

The book took me by complete surprise!

Recently, Author Indranil approached me for his book ‘Decoding Life post 8/11‘; my first impression after reading the first 2-3 chapters wasn’t that great. In fact, after that, I prayed it to be a short read. BUT (Yes, Big and bold But) sometimes first impressions tend to be wrong, and in this case, it was.

Publication Date: September 26th, 2018

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

Page Count: 257 pages

Opening Sentence: The cacophonic siren of the mail train ate up the vendor’s words even before they could reach their destination.


When the Protagonist Arjun elopes with his Muslim girlfriend Meher on 8th November, unaware that his whole world will turn upside down with just the announcement of the Demonetization by the Prime Minister. After that fateful announcement, a series of misfortune follows Arjun. He comes to know that his best friend’s Mom dies in an accident, and his best friend is in grave danger. And to top it all his ex-girlfriend comes into the picture. How will Arjun fight with this Ugly demon of demonetization and the misfortunes that follow him on every step he takes? Will he be able to save his friend?


The beginning of the book will give you the wrong notion but trust me on this when I say delve further into the book, you won’t be disappointed. The story gets very interesting as you go further. It also gets darker and darker as Arjun deals with his many situations that arise.

The book also raises many questions from our so-called modern society about HIV. I really loved how Arjun handled the whole situation of his best friend. Emotions were palpable in the story. The book gives you serious friendship goals.

The Story keeps you hooked till the end. The book is very fast paced and narration is smooth. The characters in the book are in myriad amount. Some have a small part to play and some have a big part to play, but every character is essential to the story.


Decoding Life post 8/11 by Indranil Roy is quick and easy read and indeed a decent entertainer. I say you should give it a try.

I give it 3/5

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Decoding Life post 8/11 by Indranil Roy
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