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Review of Cobalt by Abhivyakti Singh

Myriad of emotions flowing into the human heart – Cobalt by Abhivyakti Singh

by Abhivyakti Singh

On my lows and on my highs, the book I prefer to read is always Poetries. I have read many from International Poets. But this is the first time that I read a collection of poetries by an Indian writer/Poet. So naturally I was apprehensive when the Poet Abhivyakti approached me for the review of her book Cobalt, the first thought that came to my mind was “Will the poet’s words give justice to my thoughts? Will the Poet be able to shake me to my deepest core?”. Well, my apprehensions were proven wrong. This book turned out to be myriad of emotions flowing into the human heart.
The Poet speaks of the feeling of being young, the hapless cry of loneliness, of being a child, of death and what not. Feelings spill forth from the pen of the poet Abhivyakti, shaking you to the core! And it did shake me, bringing forth the emotions hidden deep in the recess of my heart.

Some of my Favorites are

  • Fighting for crumbs
  • The Loot after death
  • My deepest shallow
  • A forced fit falls off
  • Once it could have everything

Do I recommend it?

You should definitely read this book. Poems are very light and subtle on the palate. I’m sure you will be able to relate some part of your life.

I give it 4.5 stars

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About the Author

Abhivyakti Singh is a millennial writer and poet born into a business family. After operating as a consultant in Bangalore, she decided to follow her calling to pursue writing professionally. Currently, she is working as a creative writer at an advertising firm and is concluding her forthcoming epistolary romantic fiction.

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