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Thanks to the social media, I am really glad that a lot of people have started talking about their mental health nowadays. And as we all know, everyone down the line feels depressed, lonely and disturbed in their life, but some of us don’t like to talk about this and end up neglecting our mental health. So, what is exactly mental health? And why do some people tend to ignore it? Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their emotional well-being. In simple words, how we think, feel, and behave.

So, now do we know about this term, let us talk about how it is really fine to talk about your emotions and feelings with someone. Although we live in a world where it’s really hard to find people who are willingly interested in listening to our feelings and thoughts, when we get one, we should always keep them close. They are rare!

I understand how hard it becomes to share your personal feelings and thoughts with someone. I know it’s hard to articulate those words, but trust me it’s important. From my personal experience, I have learned that the more we keep such things to ourselves, the more we get distant from ourselves and others.

I believe we all should talk about this with each other and we all should ask if someone wants to share anything. Because everyone is not like everyone, so our approach should not be the same for everyone. If you are reading this, I want you to help people around you or if you are the one who wants to take this out, be in touch with someone in your life that you think will be able to understand you. You can anytime, talk to me about your thoughts and feelings, I’ll be happy to listen.

It’s never a bad thing to ask for help. We should never feel ashamed for this. We should always remember the fact that our mental health and peace is above all and everything. We deserve a good mental state and good people around us. We should believe in receiving good vibes and giving good vies back as well. If we can talk about this, we surely can make this world a better place.

Until we meet again.

Explore the unexplored.

Hear the unheard.

Breathe. Observe. Live

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vaishali rana

Vaishali Rana

Being a literature student, Vaishali Rana has found her peace in books. She is passionate about writing and reading. She is the face behind the Blog; Things Around Us- Namaloom. Namaloom is an Urdu word which means unknown. She says, “Ever wondered how many things are there around us that go unnoticed due to our busy schedule life. To understand these beautiful Things Around Us (TAU), we have created this blog. This platform is for everyone. Through TAU, you’ll get to know your surroundings and yourself better. Next time, don’t just eat that food, but also learn about it. Not just visit that place, but know the story behind it. And don’t just do things, but DO NOTHING.”

Currently, she is working as an instructional designer and a freelancer. She writes because that’s what makes her happy the most.

Explore the unexplored.
Hear the unheard.

Breathe. Observe. Live

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