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What to Do With Your Used, Old Books? – Here’s a New Way to Make Them Live Again

If you are a book lover in India, you may have thought of this at least once in your life:

“What to do with my used, old books, especially if they are of no use to me anymore? Is there any better way to give them more life, than selling them for scrap?”

It’s the truth that no book lover, be it a student, avid reader of novels, poets or similar other people is willing to sell his old books in scrap. His old books are dear to his heart, and that is the reason why you can easily find reading rooms, piled bookshelves filled with old books in the homes of book lovers.

But, just think about it.

Other than the old books you are willing to read sometime, is there any benefit of keeping all old books just to yourself even if you know well you will never read them again?

Old books of the last session attended by your kids, old books of competitive exams you had once appeared in to get a government job, all those old books that you know your future generation will most likely sell in scrap, what can you do for them?

Two Common Thoughts in the Minds of Book-Lovers about Selling Old Books

  1. ‘This book is too expensive and valuable. Just getting sold as per their weight to a scrap buyer will do no justice to them. So, someone should at least buy them at a rate above their value in scrap, near to their half price.’
  2. ‘Even if it is not easy to sell used, old books in my city, it would be better if I can donate them to someone who really needs them, someone who will learn from them.’

This means that most of the book-lovers in India want this:

  1. Sell their used, old books at rates they decide.
  2. Connecting with an interested book person in person before selling the old books.
  3. Donate old books only to those who really need them, and not just giving them to orphanages or similar other places.


BookMandee – An All-India Initiative to Take Your Old Books to Where They Truly Belong

If you are a book-lover in India, you can join a revolution of some kind, initiated by the online platform, named BookMandee. This platform is aimed at changing the way Indians buy, sell and donate used, old books.

What’s Unique and Interesting at BookMandee?

  1. You can sell your old, used books at rates you decide. All you need to do is to create a book-ad for your old books at this platform.
  2. By entering your location in the book-ad, you are making your old books available for sale to people within your city, no matter where you live in India.
  3. Only interested buyers will contact you to buy your old books, and then meet you in person to exchange books for money.
  4. You can donate your old books by creating a book-ad, but just adding the price of it to be zero.


For more details, visit and start using it to give the right value your old books deserve.


Author Bio:

Taranpreet Singh is an experienced content writer and the co-founder of BookMandee. With this platform, he aims to change the way the used, old books are bought and sold in India.



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