Book Review of The Shrine of Death by Divya Kumar | Book review
Book Review of The Shrine of Death by Divya Kumar

The Shrine of Death by Divya Kumar

After finishing the book, I was left speechless. Captivating, from the word, go, it kept me hooked till the end.

Being a crime fiction fanatic, this book came as a breath of fresh air. It was the first time I read something on an issue that is very serious offense across the global, Idol theft. Though fiction, it shades some lights on how these things work.

Opening Lines: She shrank back into the dark alcove at the entrance of the flat, her heart pounding. Inside, she could still hear him, talking on the phone.

Page Count: 296 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publication Date: April 28th, 2018


The story revolves around Prabha and, Jai Vadhera’s race against the time to solve the mysterious disappearance of Sneha Pillai and, thus starts the roller coaster ride of Prabha and Jai into the murky world of Idol and Painting theft.

‘The shrine of death’ is a very fast paced story. While reading I was so engrossed that I had to remind myself to breathe. I just.. I love this book.

Reading the book through kept me frustratingly frazzled. I want it to end yet I didn’t want it to end. The book left me guessing until the end. I was on the tenterhooks throughout as to who is the real culprit.

Each character, especially Jai, topping to the cake. There was so much dimension and character development that it made the book more interesting to read. The book was both character-driven and plot-driven, which promises to be an exciting ride for Crime-Thriller reader. Add to this Divya’s incredible writing style and you have a story that you want to devour in one sitting.

What I really loved was how the mystery was unraveled, layer after another layer and, the narrative style of the author gave it more punch. Though however, I try I couldn’t agree with a certain part of the story. Nah, I won’t say much because if I say then I am spoiling it for you.


“Art, in its truest form, is the visual depiction of our most primal emotions.”

Divya Kumar, The Shrine of death


Would I recommend this book?

Yes!. The shrine of death is an engaging read. A perfect travel companion. I think this book is for everyone, regardless of their age.


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My Rating: 4/5 stars


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