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A Long Way Home by Mitali Meelan

A Long Way Home by Mitali Meelan

Opening Lines: My friends always asked, ‘She took everything you had to give her, then left you for someone who offered her more, and you still pine for her love. What do you even see in her?’

Page Count: 314 pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: November 10th, 2018

Review: The Book is essentially about two brothers as different as chalk and cheese. The older brooding Ishaan who seems to flit in and out of the house in a bid to spend as little time as possible with his family. Always preoccupied and weighed down by heavy thoughts and responsibilities, he tries to avoid any kind of interaction with his younger siblings.

Then there is Arihant, caught in the middle child syndrome(the feeling of exclusion by middle children). He has magic with words and seems to know just the right things to say and do as he plays the quintessential nice guy spreading lightness and humor all around be it at home or at his workplace. Staying away from home during the week, he enjoys his weekends at home when his mother lavishes attention on him.

The youngest Saloni is the apple of everyone’s eye. A bit headstrong and needy she has her share of troubles and issues making her way albeit a bit shakily through the final years of school.

The Adhikari household is like every other middle-class Maharashtrian family with the father working really hard in order to make ends meet ensuring he provides for his family to the best of his ability while the mother is a pro at managing the household taking care of everyone’s little needs.

Typically, all they want is that their kids’ study hard, gets good jobs and settle down comfortably. The usual rigmarole about studies, steady jobs, marriage, and kids is all that they wish for their children.

However, Ari and Ishu just may have more in common than they believe though. Yes, both are looking to pursue their respective dreams which seem to be very different from their parents’ hopes.

How do they go about it all stumbling on to achieve their respective goals? Do they manage to stay together by sacrificing their aspirations or will they find the desired support from each other and their family in pursuit of their dreams?

Leaving you with one of the statements by Dreamer Arihant

You can either live in the shadow of your lies consumed with fear or embrace the truth and freedom. The choice is yours.

Does he truly find the courage to live by his very words or opts to take the easy way out is the question?

Read and find out all about their trials and tribulations, whether the brothers quit while still ahead or go all out after their goals.

Do I recommend it?

The second book by Mitali Meehan, if I might take the liberty to say, is more a Bromance than a Romance though there are plenty of references to love, friendship and relationships.

I found the book had a nice flow and enjoyed getting to know the various characters. The author had me wondering about their respective backstories right from the get-go. Mitali definitely has a way with words as is obvious from Ari’s characterization. The fact that it left me with a smile says it all. This one is a nice enjoyable easy read.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


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About the Author

Mitali Meelan

Mitali Meelan

Mitali Meehan is a dreamer, a soul-searcher, a wayfarer, an over-thinker and a writer who collects slivers of human madness to craft stories around them. During daytime, she works for Shemaroo Entertainment. She’s also the creator of Coffee and Ordinary Life and The Guest.

Visit her website or pester her on social media handles, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @mitalimeelan.

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