A ‘whodunit’ mystery thriller that talks about today’s youth, who are going through a severe depression as well!

Birth of A Duo
Chandrayan Gupta

It is very rare a chance that you get to read a book that is a ‘whodunit’ mystery thriller as well as talks about today’s youth, who are going through a severe depression. ‘Birth of A Duo’ by Chandrayan Gupta is one such book that is going to entertain you and also give you something to ponder about.


Aditya Gokhale – a cynical, skeptical, reluctant teenager, and Radha Bose – a hard-working, professional, determined private investigator, end up working together. Their first case is to figure out whether the death of a television actor’s son is a suicide or murder. With Aditya’s personal life in disarray, and Radha dealing with her own demons, will they be able to put their differences in personality aside and work together? Will the partnership crash and burn, or will it be the birth of a duo?


Mmmm… Let’s start from the very first page, which left a mighty impression on me. And furthermore, I fell in love with the character Aditya instantly. He is depressed and cynical towards the world at large and that includes his Mom too. And yet, his persona and his witty dialogues will compel you to read more.

Now enters Radha Bose, who is fighting her own demons in the dark recesses of her mind. And moreover, she also a detective and an equal match to Aditya in cynicism. From the very start, you will love the characters of Aditya and Radha. The emotional and mental bonding of the Duo will floor you.

Birth of A Duo by Chandrayan GuptaThe book again is a different story. Light, mysterious and full of witty moments, will make you laugh at unexpected places and will keep hooked to the story, till the very end. And the cherry to the cake is Author Chandrayan’s scrupulous attention to detail on every aspect of the book, particularly in his remarkable portrayals of the characters and their charged communications. You will surely fall for this Duo.

Chandrayan has set up high standards for his upcoming sequel of this book ( Yes, there would be book two!!! Squealing with delight). The narrative is absolutely exceptional and establishes a pace for how a book must be written. Compelling and delightfully engrossing. This book has all the elements to be successful.

And did I mention that this book is Author Chandrayan’s debut book? Unbelievable, right?

Birth Of A Duo‘ by Chandrayan Gupta is a fast-paced short read, which I think you definitely should read, if at least for once.

The only thing that kept irking me was the editing part. And I have seen that sometimes good editing is what makes or breaks an otherwise a good book. Apart from that, I didn’t find anything to complain about.

For me, it’s a 4 out of 5 stars read.

You can get your copy of ‘Birth of a Duo’ on Amazon and Flipkart.

Happy Reading 🙂

Neelam Sharma
Birth of a Duo

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