Bird in a Golden cage by Varsha Bhardwaj Gaur - Book Review
Book Review of Bird in a Cage.

Bird in a Golden cage by Varsha Bhardwaj Gaur

Publisher: Notion Press

Page Count: 118 pages

Opening Sentence: “Alex, marry my daughter!”


Madhu married Deven with oodles of dreams, fantasizing a fairy tale but only to land in a thankless life of a daughter-in-law. She wanted to be a wife and a mother too. However, her life changed from a happy girl to a silent daughter-in-law craving for an identity and respect in a family which didn’t accept her. She reveals her feelings to her father. He helps her cope the difficulties but the struggle escalates when she loses him. She is left isolated in a strange family. The endeavor continues for years until one day she decides to end it. She goes on her discovery of being herself while searching a solution for the strained relationship with her daughter. Will she succeed in bringing her life back? Will she be able to win her daughter’s heart? Will her aspirations in life gets fulfilled or she succumbs to the baseless norms set for a wife? The book puts light on how a woman feels when she is treated no more than an object for satisfying the demands of the society undergoing an emotional abuse which nobody could see.


If you are a woman, you are not supposed to express your dreams and ambitions, because it is threatening to our “So-called Patriarchial Society”. This is a story of women who dare to dream big, but only to be broken by our so-called Indian patriarchial Society. Her story offered a poignant look at what life is like for women. Even the wealthiest are not spared the cruelty of the misogynistic and oppressive culture. Women are treated as property to be “owned” and managed by men. They are traded like cattle and punished for perceived infractions in cruel ways. The book addresses serious issues in today’s world, which women in general face. The book is an eye-opener. A wonderfully enlightening concept, but poorly executed.

As far as writing, Author Varsha kills it. However, in terms of engagement, the book loses you. I felt as if I was reading a drab script. A bit of emotion and this book could have been a nice read.

What I didn’t like most about the book is its printing format. I had to strain very hard to read this book. And the narration sounded monotonous droning. Some chapters were superfluous. Nevertheless, the book exposes us to the harsh reality of the life of and what woman goes through. It explores the life of an ambitious woman who is stuck in the labyrinth of a mundane and loveless life. It raises many eye-opening questions which ask answers from our society that still runs on patriarchy- A society that doesn’t respect women and their dream to fly high like any other being.

I give it 3/5

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About the Authors

Varsha Bhardwaj Gaur

Varsha Bhardwaj Gaur

Varsha Bhardwaj Gaur is a dentist by profession. She has a passion for writing. So she chooses to take out time from her busy schedule of professional and personal life to create beautiful stories. A new Indian writer went away from traditional publishing and opted self-publishing.

She had self-published her short stories collection on Amazon under kindle direct publishing program.

Ghaziabad, India 

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