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Review of Bipradas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Bipradas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Bipradas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is a Bengali novel, translated to English by Sukhendu Ray. Sukhendu Ray qualified as a Chartered Accountant from England in 1950 and after working for a British multinational group Guest Keen Williams Ltd., he retired as that company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive

Bipradas is my first foray into classic Indian Literature; and boy! What a journey it has been.

Set in the year 1935, in a rural backdrop of Balrampur. Bipradas is a story of the family life of Bipradas, being ingrained with the Indian traditional customs, observed in an orthodox Hindu family. It is a tale of how Indian and Modern cultures collide.

Bipradas being the protagonist is the charismatic and benevolent character and is Zamindar (Landlord) of Balrampur. He is a man with high principles and values, from which he never wavers off. And holds high regards for Justice and truth. He is the key force behind the family and family Business, he is very dear to his stepmother.

Bandana, Cousin sister of Bipradas’s wife Sati is a well-educated girl. Who does not believe in following ancient Hindu culture and is highly influenced by Western Culture, and is taken by the charismatic personality of Bipradas.

While Dwijdas is an impulsive extremist and eccentric free bird, who doesn’t believe setting his roots in one place. But fate it seems to have other plans for him.

What I liked about the Book

Language is very easy to understand. Author has synced the characters of the book so well that when you read it’s like you are part of that book. The beauty of the book is its amalgamation of Cultures, values and different characters, all put into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Last few chapters were tearjerkers as books hardly ever make cry.

What I didn’t like about the book

Though this is my personal view, I felt that Bandana talked too much for my liking.

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About the Author:-

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay (1876 – 1938) was an illustrious Bengali novelist and short story writer of the early 20th century. Many of his stories narrate the lives, tragedies, and struggles of the village people and the contemporary social practices that prevailed in Bengal. His writing matured at a time when the national movement was gaining momentum together with an awakening of social consciousness. The novelist in the role of a social reformer, with the power of his pen, brings to surface the social problems, which are the reasons behind the political oppression. Born in a rural family Sarat Chandra was familiar with the conventions followed in an orthodox Brahmin family. The political disturbances, which influenced the youngsters of Bengal, were also the theme of his novels. Sensitive and daring, his novels captivated the hearts and minds of innumerable readers both in Bengal and the rest of India. His best-known novels include Palli Samaj (1916), Choritrohin (1917), Devdas (1917), Nishkriti (1917), Srikanta (1917), Datta (1918), Griha Daha (1920) and Sesh Prashna (1929). Many of his stories were adapted for well-crafted and popular films in Bengali and Hindi languages for many years, extending even to the 21st century. He remains the most popular, most translated, most adapted and the most plagiarized Indian author of all time.

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