Between You and Me: Flight to Societal Moksha by Atul Khanna
Between You and Me by Atul Khanna | Book Review

Between You and Me: Flight to Societal Moksha by Atul Khanna

Book Review of ‘Between You and Me by Atul Khanna’

What do I say about this book ‘Between You and Me’?

This is not a book which you read in one go. Nope.

This book needs time. Time to understand what the Author is trying to say to its reader and time to let each chapter sink into your mind. Ponder Over.

Opening Lines: Before we begin to remodel India or any other structure, I would like to share a belief that the social inequity which lies within us burdens our soul.

Page count: 304 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Publication Date: September 18th, 2018

Atul Khanna’s Between You and Me’ forces you think beyond your comfort zone. This book is a conversation between Author and it’s readers, as the title of the book ‘Between You and Me’ so aptly suggests.

He begins with the Example of Eklavya and Karna and goes on with some of the prominent politicians of Pre and Post-Independence era: Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal to Narendra Modi, who played major role in making today’s India or lacked thereof what needed to be done to make more than what it is today.

The Politicians play a major role in the development of a Nation. Be that governing or economically. They in a way pave the path for future successes or downfall.

Atul talked about Indian and it’s Government, and raised some valid issues with the Working of Indian Parliament, Elections, Indian Constitution, defense and many more such thing which are the backbone of India. We don’t give a thought to them because they are deeply ingrained in our mind since the time of Independence. But if we stop and mull over the things he said, we may realize that a lot of things needs to be changed in the working of India in every quarter.

I totally agree with Atul here when he says that we haven’t done anything major after the invention of ‘0’. We are stuck somewhere between, neither going up or neither going down.

To be a powerful and developed Nation, we need to broaden our horizon and think out of the box. A lot of changes are needed to be done by the government and by the people of India.

This book may be difficult to understand for some readers but let me tell you, this is one of the best books in Non-Fiction that I have read. ‘Atul’s Between You and Me’ managed to capture my attention from the very first chapter.

‘Atul’s Between You and Me’ is very well researched, documented, which is not always the case. Kudos to the authors’ diligence. I honestly believe the information in this book left me contemplating lots of things that before reading this book I would have never thought of. Even now, if everyone in this country — or even most people — had a thorough understanding of what’s contained within these pages and took action to combat it, we could right our ship.

‘Atul’s Between You and Me’s narration is smooth and flawless.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Between You and Me by Atul Khanna | Book Review | Book Blog

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