book review policy

Book Review Policy

Welcome to Booxoul.

We are honored that you are considering us to review your Book!

We are always interested in hearing about new books and we love when someone contacts us to review a book. However, we cannot accept all review copies. (We are pretty picky about Books)

Copies we are not accepting

We are a small community of voracious readers who love to read, and all of them has their own different favorite genres, so we are genre independent. We accept copies of all genres but…

We will not accept the copy if

The book doesn’t seem like something we are interested in.

What if we don’t like your Book?

If we don’t find your book interesting, we will mail you (sorry if that sounds rude) because we believe that a straightforward NO is way better than making you WAIT.

Our time is important to us, and I’m sure yours is to you, and thus we have a policy of replying to emails within 24 hours. If for some reason you don’t get our reply within a day, feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.

What forms we will accept

  • physical copy (We love hardcovers)
  • digital copies (Less preferable, but worry not, we have a Kindle)
  • Audiobooks (very picky about this)

How much time will we take to review the book?

We don’t guarantee that by accepting or receiving a book, it will be read immediately or posted on the blog immediately. We’ve got an ever-growing stack of books that we want to read and a pretty busy life as well. We will try our very best to read and review in a timely manner but it’s not always doable.

Where will we post the reviews?

We post the review on our Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Mix, Amazon, Goodreads, Pinterest, Blogadda, and Pocket!

Before sending something for consideration, take a look around our Blog to get an idea/a feel of who we are, what we do, who our readers are, and how we do things.

We are updating our Contributors page and from next year aka 2019, you can even pick the contributor that you want to get your book reviewed by.

All of our reviews will be our honest opinion and it might be quite possible that we won’t enjoy your book and our review will be clear of that. We will give it a look and a fair shake, but that’s all we can guarantee.

If you have any query, then feel free to mail us on [email protected]

Our Other Services

    • We make youtube videos
    • We take Interviews
    • Apart from Books, we review a lot of other products
    • Book Promotions, Giveaways and a lot of other things!


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