Apoorv Sharma, Author at Booxoul

The Mysterious Cat

We killed a cat! Saw a Cheetah!  Sang until our voice starts to crack! Clicked and shot at least a total of 100 photos and videos of just the road…


Pandey Ji ki Maggi

“I used to think that the years would go by in order that you get older one year at a time but it’s not like that. It happens overnight.” –…


7 Books you should Read to know who Bhagat Singh actually was

“मेरे जज़्बातों से इस कदर वाक़िफ़ है कलम मेरी, मैं ‘इश्क’ लिखना चाहूँ तब भी ‘इंक़लाब’ लिख जाता है..” “BHAGAT SINGH” What was your first thought after reading this name?…