Ashwatthama’s Redemption: The rise of Dandak by Gunjan Porwal
Ashwatthama's Redemption by Gunjan Porwal

Ashwatthama’s Redemption: The rise of Dandak by Gunjan Porwal

Last two years have seen a rise in Authors experimenting with Mythology genre. Only this year I have read around twenty books on Mytho genre.

And the latest I am reviewing here is from the Author Gunjan Porwal, Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak. Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak takes a uniquely fresh approach on the lesser known outcast character of Mahabharata.

Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak is a story of Ashwatthama. The book is set over a hundred after the Kurukshetra War era. When the Kingdoms of Bharata are at peace. But not for long. A rumored rise of an ancient demon Dandak shatters the peace of surrounding kingdom of Dandakaranya: the forest that was ruled by Dandak during Ram Era.

The only person who can stop the Dandak is Ashwatthama, who lost his powers following Krishna’s curse. Knowing he is powerless, the question is whether Ashwatthama takes this perilous journey?

Opening Sentence: The young man fidgeted in his sleep.

Page Count: 264 pages

Publisher: Om Books International

Publication Date: September 15th, 2018


The storyline of Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak is engaging.
I loved how the Author portrayed Ashwattma’s character, giving depth to the character as the story progressed. I easily connected with Ashwattthama’s character as he is portrayed more human than the Demigod in this story. The other two characters Vikram and Rana were amazing, they lightened the mood of the otherwise serious story. There were instances where I couldn’t stop laughing out loud.

Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak is more thriller with Mythology theme. There is always an element of surprise as you turn the pages. The book is a breezy read. Gunjan writing is elegant and keeps pace with the story. But the best of the book is it’s ending. You’d be shocked to no end. A truly sensational ending, I must say.
The ending of the book paves way for the book 2 of the ‘Ashwattam’s Redemption, and I simply cannot wait to find out what happens next in Ashwatthama’s story.


If you are a Fan of Mythology Fiction and loves to read while traveling, then this is the book. Fast paced and the language very easy.

A must buy.

I gave it 4/5 stars.

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