An Anglo-Indian in Love by Tapan Ghosh | An interesting short-read
Book Review of An Anglo-Indian in Love by Tapan

A short-read that is good for almost all readers…

Book Review of
An Anglo-Indian in Love by Tapan Ghosh

I fell in love with the instant I saw the cover, with a very rustic charm. But was very skeptic about the entertainment quotient of the story as it was hardly 50 pages book.

Tapan Gosh’s “An Anglo-Indian in Love” is his second book. The book is set in Pre-Independent Calcutta.

Tapan Gosh’s “An Anglo-Indian in Love” revolves around the protagonists Dilip, a local hero and a toughie who falls in love with an older Anglo-Indian woman Cindy. Cindy, who is a 36-year old married woman in an abusive second marriage, finds love and care in a very young Dilip, who has very traumatized family history. But their love creates ripples among the community they represent. Now the question is whether Dilip and Cindy will start anew? Forgetting their past and crossing all hurdles.

Opening Lines: Football matches at the Park Circus maidaan are a common sight.

Publisher: Wordit CDE

Publication Date: December 2nd, 2017

The Narrative of the story is good. The language used in the book is simple and lucid. There is a lot of usage of Bengali, which makes it more interesting to read.

The book ‘An Anglo-Indian in Love’ is quite an interesting read. At some places, I found myself in the total grip of the story. And at some places I found myself losing interest. The end was amazing. My heart was constantly racing.

The Author Tapan tried to serve his readers a story on a platter of his memories, in which he succeeded quite a bit. His book took me to a Calcutta, about which I read and heard a lot. This book had an old charm about it.

The story is very fast paced and has overall good entertainment quotient. It’s amazing how Tapan penned his character so well in so short a book. I guess, this book is good for almost all readers.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Book Review of An Anglo-Indian in Love by Tapan

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About the Author

Book Review of Tapan Ghosh's An Anglo-Indian

Tapan Ghosh

Born: Kolkata, India


Engineer, entrepreneur, technocrat
There is a little of me in all that

But there is more to me than you see
Young at heart, a spirit that soars free

Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one
The creative me is a lot of fun

I think, I write, I film, I express
For life is not just work, work and stress

What you see here are my expressions true
I hope they strike a chord within you

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