5 must-read books on Indian Historical Fiction by Indian Authors

5 works of Indian Historical Fiction by Indian Authors that should be on your must-read list

Yesterday, one of our Facebook page followers asked me to suggest him some must-reads Indian historical fiction books and that’s when I decided to write an article on some must-reads Indian Historical Fiction. So, here’s my favorite 5:


The Palace of Illusions
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Pages: 384(Paperback)

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“Love comes like lightning and disappears the same way. If you are lucky, it strikes you right. If not, you’ll spend your life yearning for a man you can’t have.” 

Indians are grown up listening to the stories of Mahabharatha but we have never thought about what the involved characters really felt and thought. This book is written from Draupadi’s perspective.
What did a woman who was born from fire think about herself?
What did she felt when she knew that she would’ve to marry 5 men?

You’ll find your heart racing while reading this book. I simply Loved This book, It gave me a whole new perception.


The Glass Palace
by Amitav Ghosh

Pages: 560(Paperback)

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“There was no place more solitary than a dark room, with its murky light and fetid closeness.”

This one a thick book that covers 3 generations of Indians. A fascinating family drama that never bored. Well-written and a sad but also touching end.


Midnight’s Children
by Salman Rushdie

Pages: 672(Paperback)

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“We all owe death a life.” 

Saleem is born at midnight on the day India becomes independent, and raised in a wealthy Indian family. As a child, he becomes aware of a telepathic link to other Indian children born that night: Midnight’s Children, each of whom has at least one special power.


A suitable boy
by Vikram Seth

Pages: 1552(Paperback)

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“Man without life companion is either god or beast.” 

Set in the early 1950s, just after the partition, this story is about 4 families- Mehras, Kapoor, Khans, and Chatterjee. The main protagonist is Lata who is under pressure from her mother and brother for getting married. Her family is looking for a ‘suitable boy’ who could meet the standards set by her family.

Divided into 19 parts, each chapter in the book is about different characters which keep inter-relating the stories and, at last reach, to one conclusion.


The Namesake
by Jhumpa Lahiri

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Pages: 304(Paperback)

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“Somehow, bad news, however, ridden with static, however, filled with echoes, always manages to be conveyed.”

Despite the attempts to become a part of American society, the older generation clings to their ethnic and national practices and shuns newer experiences, including foods and styles of dress. They do not truly feel part of the society around them. Their circle of friends includes mainly others like them, their compatriots. The offspring of these people viewed themselves as being hostage to many of these ideas and venture away from the family, seeking assimilation.


If you think that I’m missing any books, then do comment below or tell us in chat on our social network accounts.

Happy Read 🙂


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