5 Must-Read Books For Coping With Dementia | Book Recommendations
5 Must-Read Books For Coping With Dementia

5 must-read books for coping with dementia

5 Must-Read Books For Coping With Dementia

Recently, we got a mail from a guy who lives in Omaha in the United States in which he wrote that his sister is diagnosed with dementia and he needs some books to help her cope with it. We send him a list of 5 books which he later thanked us for and gave us a suggestion that a lot of people like him are looking for books which can help them in coping with dementia, so we should write a post about it on our blog. It’s then, we decided to write this post.

Before delving into the article, let me describe dementia for you.

According to Google,

Dementia is a group of thinking and social symptoms that interferes with daily functioning.

It’s a very incurable common condition that last lifelong with over 10 million cases per year only in India. It includes forgetfulness, limited social skills, and thinking abilities so impaired that it interferes with daily functioning.

Well, it’s a normal part of aging but it causes annoyance, inconvenience and a lot of problems to not just the one who has it but to all the people around them. It makes people around the one having dementia to go through a really tough mental stage and thus, it’s necessary to cope with it.

So, here are 5 must-read books for coping with dementia:



Surviving Alzheimer’s
by Paula Spencer Scott

Surviving Alzheimer's: Practical tips and soul-saving wisdom for caregivers by Paula Spencer Scott - Book Cover

This is an Alzheimer’s book and just to let you know that not all dementia is Alzheimer’s. I’m recommending this book because of my aunt, who had this disorder.

This book is in top of the list instead of the 36 hour day (which is considered as the bible on Dementia Care) because of the response it had from its readers.

Some readers have even said that God himself has sent this book to them.

If you’re a caregiver or want to help someone who is suffering from it, then this is a must-read book for you. It has some really great tips and it will help you in better communication with the inflicted.

Page Count: 368

Source: Amazon.in




36-Hour Day
by Nancy Mace

Book Cover: 36-Hour Day by Nancy Mace

It’s a Bible on Dementia Care.

A really good resource for the nuts and bolts of the disease. It has an excellent table of contents and index allowing you to look up what’s relevant to your situation at any particular point in time.

The book is filled with actual experiences of caregivers, patients, and doctors to give a well-rounded idea of what we are all going through, including lots of ideas on what to do about it to make life more tolerable – as much as we can. A lot of what the book is saying is that we must accept what is happening, do all we can to alleviate suffering – physical and mental – for the patient, family, and any other caregivers that might be involved.

It’s a must for people to understand this and deal with it as they can.

Page Count: 624

Source: Amazon.in




Share My Lonesome Valley: The Slow Grief of Long-Term Care
by Doug Manning

Book Cover: Share My Lonesome Valley: The Slow Grief of Long-Term Care by Doug Manning

A book that turned out to be immensely helpful for a lot of its readers out there.

Doug outlines the caregiving journey and gently provides opportunities for the caregiver to deal with the quiet sorrows.

Beautifully written with much care and insight. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is dealing with illness, aging family, or know of someone who is. Death happens it’s a part of our lives. We need to make the best of it. This book helps that process.

Page Count: 113 pages

Source: Amazon.in




The Theft of Memory: Losing my Father, One Day at a Time
by Jonathan Kozol

Book Cover: The Theft of Memory: Losing my Father, One Day at a Time by Jonathan Kozol

If you don’t cry while reading this book, then man!!! You’re not human at all.

A beautifully written memoir documenting Jonathan’s father’s decade-long diagnosed with Alzheimer’s from 1994, at age 88, to his death in 2008.

Written from a very personal perspective makes this book the most unique out of all the books in this article.

All I can say is that it’s a must-read for anyone with an aging father. Very meaningful.

Page Count: 320 pages

Source: Amazon.in




Still Alice
by Lisa Genova

Book Cover: Still Alice by Lisa Genova

It’s now a movie of which’s trailer I have embedded above.

Talking about the book.

Well, this book is gonna scare you to your heart. Lisa has made sure that the readers feel what Alice is feeling while reading the book. You’ll cry when she does, you’ll smile when she does, you feel proud in her accomplishments and… Just buy it and read it because once you’re done reading it, you can never look at the Alzheimer’s disease the same way you used to be.

Page Count: 352

Source: Amazon.in


So, that was our book recommendation list of 5 must-read books for coping with dementia. Hope it helped you!

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