5 Awesome Gadgets to buy under Rs. 300 in India
5 Awesome Gadgets to buy under Rs. 300 in India

5 Awesome Gadgets to buy under Rs. 300 in India

We are living in the 21st century where a major part of the population is using phones, well not just phones, SMARTPHONES.

Smartphones have become a part of our world. No one can imagine their lives without one. But have you ever give it a thought that the mobile phone accessories are as important as the mobile. Just think of it! Earphones, Charger, Camera, Mobile Cover, Flash, etc.

I think I should restrain myself from getting digressed from the topic. So, here are those 5 awesome gadgets to buy under Rs. 300 in India:

1. World Wide Travel Charger

World wide travel Charger Adapter

Planning for a trip Abroad? Well, don’t forget to buy this Travel Charger Adapter which works in more than 150 countries including EU / AU/ UK / US / CN / JP / HK.

I know that there are a lot of other options but this is the most affordable universal adapter you can buy.

Buy it @Rs. 179

2. Lapel Microphone

lapel microphone

I can bet you that at least once in your life you must have thought of buying a mic whether it’s for your youtube video or for a sound recording. If not then trust me, you would want it someday. So, stop waiting for that someday and get this Clip-on Mic for your smartphone or your camera on Amazon below.

3. LED Shoelaces

LED shoelace

Who doesn’t wants to shine?

Don’t you want to be different? I mean who the hell wants those boring shoelaces now when you can get this cool LED shoelaces on Amazon for such an affordable price.

4. Armband Cover Case for All Smartphones

armband - cover case for all smartphones

We are living in an era where we use smartphone even while dumping, so what’s so wrong about Jogging? Get this amazing Armband cover case that can hold any mobile under 5.7 inch and also has a small pocket to keep a key.

5. 5-way Audio Splitter

5-way audio splitter

Just imagine you and your friend decides to watch a movie on a laptop. You both have your own earphones/headphones but the problem is that your laptop has only one audio output jack. So, what are you gonna do? Give one piece to your friend and put one in yours and watch the movie?

Well, I have a better idea!

Get 5-way multi-headphone splitter and use up to 5 earphones/headphones on a single laptop.

Hence proved!

Not all good stuff is expensive.

Do tell me in the comments if I missed something and I will add it and do you want us to post stuff like this? I mean articles other than book reviews?



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