4 of the India’s Most Underrated Destinations

Not all those who wander are lost

– J.R.R. Tolkien

Very well and rightly said.

Some are those lone travelers who carve their way out through every place and broaden their vision.

One of the most varied and diversified places in the world is India, the South Asian country and the most populous democracy in the world. Traveling here is always a heartwarming experience. From the smallest of the villages to some of the biggest metropolitan cities, India has always remained a diversified yet a unified country. Being home to numerous tourist attraction places and world heritage sites. Though there are many popular places here to visit but there are a lot of them which never gained popularity though being worthy of it. Here, I have mentioned some of the most underrated travel destinations in India with the hope that they will someday become well-known places and mesmerize others with their beauty.


1) Bounsi


A town in Banka district of Bihar is one such place. The town is situated 295km from the state capital and is home to one of the most beautiful and historical hills of the country “The Mandar Hills”. The site is a terminal station of Bhagalpur- Mandar Hill railway line.

The place has many historical stories of which one is the story of how Lord Krishna became “Madhusudan”. The place consists of lakes and a number of religious places to visit. The most striking feature is the simplicity and its uniqueness in itself. The best season to visit is the maker Sankranti, Janmashtami and Durga Puja. One can enjoy the liveliness of the town at these festive times. Though situated at the highway connecting Bihar and Jharkhand, the place is not recognized by travelers as a travel destination.


2) The Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers
Source: Indiahikes

It is situated in the Himalayan hills of Uttarakhand, is known for its variety of flowers. Not only flora but it is home to some endangered fauna too. Nestled in the upper expanses of Bhyundar Ganga near Joshimath in the Garhwal region, it is a habitat for endemic alpine flowers. Though having found a place in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, it is one of the most underrated places. It is believed that various ‘yogis’ meditated there to gain enlightenment. The beauty of the place lies in the fact that any color a person can think of can be seen there from the very eyes of us in the form of beautiful flowers. Just thought of treading on a carpet of flowers?


3) The Varkala Beach

Source: Tourism of India

It is situated in southern India is one of the finest beaches human eyes can ever witness. Situated in Kerala, it is a perfect sight for watching the soothing sunset down the shores. Also known as the “Papnasham Beach”, by far the best place for adventures and sports like parasailing and boat riding, this beach never gained popularity and is known only to a handful of people. A nearby place to visit is the famous Janardana Swami Temple, known for the ten-day festival of Arattu held twice a year. Nearby is the Sivagiri hills, where the Sivagiri Mutt is also located.


4) Mandavgarh

Source: MP Tourism

More popularly known as Mandu, is an ancient city located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Known as the fortress town, it is a tribute to the adorable love of Baz Bahadur (a Muslim, and the last sultan of Malwa) and Roopmati (a Hindu singer, and later the Queen of Malwa). If you want to live a life beyond time boundaries, this is the place. The boundless love and the immense architectural delight the place has to give, will surely roll back the wheels of time, and present before you a beautiful, eccentric and terrific view of the lovely surrounding. Surrounded by Baobab trees which are mostly found in Africa, this place has a fort named the Jahaz Mahal, which speaks volumes of the rich and varied history of the place.

.   .   .   .   .

Above mentioned are some of the most underrated travel destinations in India, which though have a beautiful and overwhelming view in itself, but rarely got the eyes of the travelers. Traveling to these places, the visitors will not only enjoy the destinations but the journey through their rich history too.

“ Travel is not only a word but a whole universe of itself, of emotions, of feelings, of nurturing the soul. A traveler’s bag has a lot many stories to tell than a storybook.”

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