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An Escape – of the Chest, Heart and Soul by Supriya Singh

Our very own Indian origin Katniss Everdeen is here! Debut author Supriya Singh brings her to live with her protagonist Rhea Khanna in – An Escape – of the Chest,…


Books about overcoming Fear, worry and anxiety?

Fear, Worry, Anxiety! There’s hardly anyone who might not have dealt with it. These are some of the few things(much like those relatives) that won’t knock your door before coming…


Yoddha: The Dynasty of Samudragupta by Rajat Pillai

There are a few things for me that make the book worth every penny and then more than that: First, Authors narration style, it’s the story and the amount of…


Don’t tell the Governor by Ravi Subramaniam

‘A political thriller to grip you in its sharp-edged claws’ ‘Don’t tell the Governor’ is a financial thriller. It is the first book from the Author Ravi Subramaniam’s many books…


A Conversation with Stuti Agnihotri, Author of ‘Abhivyakti’

1) At what age did you start writing Poetries? I wrote my first poem when I was in class 7th. Our English teacher had told us to write a poem…


3 Books that will show you a psychological angle to a paranormal story

PARANORMAL STORIES! Well, Wikipedia defines ‘Paranormal’ as Events that are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described…


Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries by Ashish Jaiswal

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.” Ashish Jaiswal’s book Fluid comes in the latter part. This book is in…


Stories to keep you awake – The Diary on the Fifth Floor

So when I read this book ‘The Diary on the Fifth floor by Raisha Lalwani’, the initial pages kind of left me confused as to what was the story all…


3 Books for children to show them books without pictures can be just as fun and interesting!

Yesterday, someone messaged us on our Instagram handle asking us to give her some suggestions that will make her child believe that books without pictures can be just as fun…


A fluff and breezy read for wintry weekends: Typically Tanya

I’m reviewing this hilarious book ‘Typically Tanya by Taha Kehar’ I’ve always enjoyed reading Chick-Lit as they are very light to the palate and full on entertainment. So obviously I…


5 Awesome Gadgets to buy under Rs. 300 in India

We are living in the 21st century where a major part of the population is using phones, well not just phones, SMARTPHONES. Smartphones have become a part of our world….