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How does it feel like to live in Lucknow?

The Awakening of an Indigo by Vikram

Man with the White Beard by Shah Alam Khan

A conversation with Stuti Changle, Author of ‘On the Open Road’

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7 Books you should Read to know who Bhagat Singh actually was

  “मेरे जज़्बातों से इस कदर वाक़िफ़ है कलम मेरी, मैं ‘इश्क’ लिखना चाहूँ तब भी ‘इंक़लाब’ लिख जाता है..” “BHAGAT SINGH” What was your first thought after reading this…


Descent by Tom Dawn

 Kudos to the team of the author – TomDawn – for ensuring that the book reaches me on time. It came to me from the UK& the author’s team ensured-with…


School vs. College

  From one gate to another gate, Though I am still always late, Things changed, and the life too, To moments I had to bid adieu!! What do you miss…